The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy (text adventures) for Pocket CHIP


I’ve been playing with making installation scripts, and since all of them work for the Pocket CHIP, I’ve been posting them here, if anyone is interested in it.

Keep in mind that all this games are abandonware games, I just create install and uninstall scripts and simple C language binaries that run from the /bin folder, so you can just call the game from the Pocket home (after creating the link to it of course).

Please let me know of any problems or errors ok?

Dunno if you guys already did it but: Zork 1, 2 and 3 on the CHIP!

This is awesome! Please continue on your Abandonware series. The community thrives on people like you :slight_smile:


There’s another option available to PocketCHIP users, too, and this title isn’t exactly traditional abandonware.

Douglas Adams made the Z-Machine file for The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy a free download on his site back before he passed away. It’s still a free download there now:

If you download that file, you can play it with one of the interactive fiction interpreters that already run on the PocketCHIP, like Zoom or Frotz.


hi! if you pay attention to the source code you’ll noticed that I use the original game AND frotz. I only automate the install and make it available by only typing the game, not the z machine emulator + the dat file from infocom (which is what frotz to)


Yeah, no big deal intended. I guess my question was more why you were packaging a new independent version of it rather than just adding it to one of the general players that’s already there. It’d be a one-line addition to make it an automatically included download with the PocketCHIP version of Zoom, for example.


Okay, so I’m feeling kind of stupid: I can’t even get the first step on your Github page to work for me on Pocket CHIP. I typed it into the Terminal exactly as it is shown. What am I doing wrong? Is it a sudo command?


You may not have git installed
run: sudo apt install git
And try again after


Also feeling dumb :slight_smile: ./ return command not found :frowning: I’m i suppose to install an installer?


Before you run that, just run sudo chmod +x
And forget about the second command from the git

So just to total up the commands you should run:
sudo apt install git
git clone ``sudo chmod +x
sudo ./
And to run it:


I really appreciate your help, AllGray. So, yeah, I needed to install git. That’s done successfully, however, now when I try to run the chmod command, it can’t find the file. In the file browser, it’s contained in it’s own folder labeled the same as the folder from Gustavo’s github page. What am I doing wrong?


In the terminal type ls
What does that give you?


Hey AllGray, it gives me the directory list in the main system folder:


Type: cd Hitchhikers-Guide-to-the-Galaxy-text-adventure-for-Debian-and-derivatives
Protip: If you type cd Hi and press the tab key, it will autocomplete the rest


That worked great (and love the pro tip, thanks! It was getting annoying typing that in each time…). The two additional commands are running properly after that.

So now when I want to run the game, I need to navigate to that folder and then type “hgg”, right?


You should be able to just type hgg from anywhere.

I will also suggest you to install Marshmallow-home
That will give you a better interface for your device, and have it so you can make a hgg icon on the screen you just press.


Got it, thanks. I was doing chown chip… My bad lol


No problem at all


i typed in the git clone https://… line and was asked for a Username and Password??? Please Help!!! Thanks, David, ThunderBoyDavid

Every Fear Hides A Wish


If git asks you for a username and password when you type git clone it means one of two things…

  1. You are trying to clone a private repository and need to authenticate to have permission to do so.

  2. You mistyped the repository name/path.

In this case I would suspect the latter. You should check the line…

git clone


Hi all!

The project is not available from a independent github anymore, since he was merged with Pocket Installer: