TI99/4A emulation working with ti99sim


The TI99/4A was 16-bit (but crippled in weird ways) 70s/80s home computer. It was my first computer, so I make sure to have an emulator for it working on all my systems.

It is the cartridge games that are easy to play in emulation: disk-based software for the TI99/4A was and still is a royal pain to work with. Luckily there were lots of cartridges, the best of which were arcade game clones by AtariSoft.

The precompiled arm binary located here runs fine on the pocket chip.

Simply put the system rom TI-994A.ctg and game roms in the same directory as the ti99sim-sdl binary and run your game:

./ti99sim-sdl digdug.ctg

You can easily adapt the mednafen zenity GUI script to launch this emulator if you need to have an icon and file selector.

Hint: if you don’t have the system rom and games, take a look in one of the files in the scripts folder to see where to find/convert them. I have not tested this since I already own a TI99/4A and roms.


Thanks, I’ll give it a go! I remember that many years ago, a school friend had one at home and I brought a magazine with a game listing in it and have been typing for almost 2 hours to type the game in the computer. Then we played for about half an hour before I had to get home. And since my friend didn’t have any storage medium, we just turned the thing off and lost the game. But fun it was!


Wow, that’s awesome. This was my first computer and I took it to college with me…a LONG time ago. I had quite a few cartridges and I stored programs on a cassette recorder. I’m going to check this out. Thanks for posting!


That was one of my first computers as a child, I still have it next to my desk with a bunch of games and the peripherals. I also have one of the regular grey ones in perfect condition in the original box. Awesome little computers, I hooked one up the other day and it still works great! The voice synthesizer in the picture attached was particularly cool.