What apps work well with resolution of PocketCHIP?



I suggest this topic to share experience about Debian applications that can work with screen resolution of PocketCHIP with maximum compatibility and minimum discomfort.

For example, I noticed that Iceweasel web browser does his job well.

Unfortunately, many of the announced applications, that were supposed to come pre-installed, i.e Pidgin or Freeciv, have issues with resolution compatibility.

I would like to know if the developers of CHIP could find a workaround for that case.

Pocket chip as an ereader?

I’ve just been playing with MyPaint, and have to say it works quite well at 480x272. :slight_smile:




I request more screen-compatible applications in this thread!



Mine has just arrived yesterday. So far, for internet browsing, I’m satisfied with Midori, with some tweaks (zoom and font size). Audacious also pleased me a lot, with the old winamp-like interface.


ofc Mednafen is pretty great, along with other mostly terminal based / gui-less apps.


is it nes simulator? I use fceux and it works fine


It emulates a bunch of different consoles, its the one used for the virtual boy VR pockulousCHIP. It works to varying degrees for different consoles/handhelds, here’s a thread discussing the configuration for GBC, GBA, SNES and NES


Excellent news! I’ve been keen to find a decent ebook reader when my PocketCHIP arrives, so FBReader will go on my list to try.

I’ve also seen a post on Reddit that claims Calibre works well with PocketCHIP.


I make a list with the app that i try here

I believe all fit in the little screen of pocket chip


Gnome-Mplayer works, using it right now


Command line weather app finger is in the Debian repositories.

sudo apt install finger

to use
finger london@graph.no

See more here:


There is another topic addressing this issue, as well at

Working apps that fit to screen in pocket chip (and work well out box)

And probably other topics, such as ones where we talked about compatible GUI browsers.

If anybody feels up to it, all this information ought to get added to a wiki page. There is one just for compatible games and emulators already.


I am trying to think up a way that compatible software could all be together with subcategories there, not sure how to work in that above page does both C.H.I.P. and PocketC.H.I.P.