What happens if I confirm my address too late?


Hi, I pre-ordered a CHIP and Pocket Chip a while back (During the flash sale), but forgot to verify my address. I verified it a few weeks back. Where is it? If you take too long to verify your address does it just get cancelled? I really want to know if I’m ever going to get it or not.


I don’t work for NTC, however, I doubt they would cancel your order. It just went into limbo until you confirmed. But you lost your place in the queue, and now have to wait with people who ordered more recently. The process takes a while, so don’t worry.

You might want to look at the following posts from July 22, Aug 31 and 17 days ago.

They explain where production and shipping is at. Happy reading :grinning:


Crap I was afraid of this too. I ordered my chip before the 14th of September buto couldn’t confirm till after and was afraid I would be thrown into the after category due to it.


Well… bad news… You will probably be thrown into the mid-Nov category because confirming your order basically places your order after you ordered chip.


Roger. It sucks but it is what it is. I’m just eager to get my chips in and start projects


Don’t worry, @jadefurem your order is safe – it just stays “pending” until you confirm where you want it shipped to (a necessary step by the nature of pre-orders). If your address is not confirmed by the time your scheduled batch starts shipping, your order bumps into the next batch.


My order justhe started the shipping process! I am happy. I have been without a spare board for projects for a while. When I ordered chip in made my spare board a media streamer and gave it to my mother in law